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The ERT accounting modules

ERT Accounting

The ERT Accounting module is a full featured Multi User general accounting system that can be customized to unlimited business formats.   Currently, the accounting module is interfaced to the ERT Transportation Manager and the FloorTrax Floor Plan Management System.  Integration with the MemberMaster system will be available soon.  Please review the screenshots above.


The payroll module is an extension of the Accounting system.  It can not exist as a stand alone payroll processing package, as it shares the Chart of Accounts, Bank Accounts and other data contained in the Accounting Module database.  The Accounting system is required to allow proper setup and configuration of the database prior to payroll processing.

System Copyright

The E.R.T. Accounting Modules were originally developed and copyrighted by PC Skills, Inc. as the PCS Accounting system and the PCS Pay payroll system.  E.R.T. Software Systems, Inc. has acquired the unlimited rights to Modify, Sell, Distribute, Install and Market these products as extensions of our Transportation, Finance and Non Profit/Fundraising software systems.  While these products may be used as stand-alone products, they have been extensively integrated into our other software systems.  The documentation provided is the original documentation created by the developers, PC Skills, Inc.