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FloorTrax Floor Plan Features and prices

ERT FloorTrax V3.5
System Pricing
Base System Cost  $2,995.00
Includes all features
Includes one user license
Includes 60 days startup support
Additional User Licenses  $   495.00 each
Accounting Interface  $   595.00
choice of QuickBooks 2007+ or ERT Accounting Module
General System
Full User Level Security
User Definable Setup Criteria
Dealer Status
Dealer Note Type
Purchase Locations
Fee Relationship
Car/Unit Note Types
Standard Note Types
Interest/Curtailment/Xage Defaults
Document Tracking Labels
Auditor Setup
User Operation Preferences
Industry Preference- Auto, Manufacturer, Distributor
Full Integrated Email
Integrated Fax Server
Dealer Tracking System
Detailed Dealer Information
Detailed Financial Information
Dealer Contacts
Dealer Notes
Cross Aged History
Dealer AR
Add a new AR
Receive a Payment
Dealer History
Shutdown History
Audit History
Tax Document Tracking
Responsible Parties
Personal Financials
Tax Filings
Commissioned Agent Tracking
Add up to 2 Commissioned Salesmen per Dealer
Full Text based searching
Solicit able Dealers
Warnings History
Over Credit Limit Warnings.
Unit Information
Required Documents Tracking
Imaging/Barcode Support
Payoff and Curtailments
Automatic Curtailment Billings
User definable curtailment terms
Payoff with Current Interest if desired
Late Title Tracking
Audit Tracking with Notes
Vehicle/Unit  Notes
Daily/Weekly Processes
Late Fee Calculations
Cross Age Calculation
Dealer History Written
Exception Reports
Dealer Outstanding Batch 
Late Interest
Flat Fee Calculations
Curtailment Invoices
Interest Billing
Floor Out History calculated
Floor Out Exception Report Calculated
Agent Settlements
Bank Exports
File Interest reports
Archive Units
Archive Database
Update Interests
Update Tax Forms
Update Complete Units
User Definable report Criteria
Print/Preview, Email, Fax or file as PDF
Auto Batch Faxing of reports
Floor Plan Status Reports
Floor Plan Analysis Reports
Floor Plan Exception/Error Reports
Dealer Reports
Unit/Vehicle Reports
Setup Reports
Financial Reports
Over 40 Base reports plus process reports
ERT Integrated Accounting Module
Single User each ****  $ 159.00  $ 159.00  $ 159.00  $ 159.00
Unlimited Multi User - ****  $ 695.00  $ 695.00  $ 695.00  $ 695.00
ERT Ongoing Support
Annual Support Plan- System 1-5 Users  $ 995.00
Accounting Interface  $ 195.00
6 + Users add (per block of 5)  $ 195.00
New Version Updates with Support Contract  FREE 
Annual Support Plan-ERT Accounting
ERT Accounting System  $ 150.00
ERT Payroll Module  $   50.00
Payment Options Require Purchase of an annual Plan.  Plan may not be cancelled mid term.  
Quarterly Support Payments Multiply Your Annual Rate by 0.275 to arrive at the quarterly Payment amount.
If a Quarterly Payment is Missed, Balance is due in Full or 
a Preauthorized credit card withdrawal schedule will be required
Per Incident Charge 30 Min/incident  $   70.00
Additional 15 Min Increments  $   35.00
Email  $   25.00
Maximum of 3 Exchanges per incident
if an incident exceeds three, requires phone
*** The ERT Accounting Module requires ONE interface Per system, not
One per client user.  Individual client workstations do not require
The Accounting System User interface/Program to function.
**** ERT Accounting Program Interfaces are only required on workstations where
The user will require access to the Full Accounting information.  
You may purchase only as many as you require, or an 
Unlimited Multi User license.
 $ 159.00  $ 159.00
 $ 695.00  $ 695.00
FloorTrax Accounting Interface details
ERT Accounting QuickBooks
Post Dealers X X
Update Dealer Information X x*
View Open and Paid Invoices in Dealer X* X*
Sales Tax Interface X
View Last Sale/Open Bal information X
Waive Invoices with Accounting Ledger Entry X
Waive Invoices by Voiding Transaction X**
Adjust Invoice with Accounting Ledger Entry X
Adjust Invoice FloorTrax Only X***
Delete Invoice In FloorTrax and Accounting X
Delete Invoice In FloorTrax only X***
Post One Time Invoices to Accounting X X
Import Dealers X
Sales Process Invoices Posted
Extension Invoices X X
Late Fee Invoices X X
Monthly Interest X X
Flat Fee Monthly Billing X X
Flat Fee Initial Invoice X X
Late Interest Billings X X
Automatic Curtailments X**** X****
New Fundings Posted with GL Entries X X
Payoff Posted with GL Entries X X
Payoff Interest Posted with Invoice X X
Payoff Reversals X X
NSF Payoffs  X X
Ad Hoc Curtailments X X
Post Agents as Vendors
Update Agents
Post Settlement Payables
Post Cash Receipts X X
Import Terms X
Import Accounts X
Direct Accounting Access to Terms X
Direct Accounting Access to Chart of Accts. X
Import Items X
Direct Utilization of Accounting Service Codes X
* Open and Paid invoices are maintained in FloorTrax and synchronized with the Accounting System
** QuickBooks only support voiding of transactions, rather than any other adjustment or waiving.
*** QuickBooks does not support Deleting Transaction.  Manual deletion in QB required.
**** Automatic Curtailments are processed as pending invoices only.  
Upon receipt of payment, they are processed as completed.
If unit Paid Off prior to curtailments, they are voided or deleted.
Please see the user guide for detailed information