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MemberMaster Feature list and pricing

ERT MemberMaster V2.6
System Pricing
System Versions ClubMaster FundMaster EventMaster
Base System First User  $          395.00  $           495.00  $           595.00
Additional Users-   $          195.00  $           195.00  $           195.00
Base System
Multi User x x x
Full User Security x x x
Member Tracking
Primary Address x x x
Alternate Address x x x
Business/Company Address/Contact x x x
Multiple Email Addresses x x x
Member Photo x x x
Dues/Pledge Tracking
Create invoice schedules for Regular Dues/Donations x x x
Process and Print Invoices By Due Date x x x
Record Payment Receipts x x x
Track One-Time Contributions x x x
Schedule Future One-Time Pledges x x x
Create your Own Interest, Events Committees and Groups x x x
Assign Members to Defined Categories x x x
Print Report by Category x x x
Create Mailing Lists by Category x x x
Print Mailing Lists x x x
Export Mail Lists to Excel x x x
Full Reporting System x x x
Member Reports x x x
Event Repots x x x
Contribution Reports x x x
Setup Reports x x x
User Definable Criteria x x x
Accounting - internal (non QuickBooks) x x x
Accounts Receivable by Member x x x
Payment Tracking x x x
Cash Receipts x x x
Invoicing x x x
Contributions Statements. x x x
Accounts Receivable Reports x x x
Payment Received Reports x x x
Six performance graphs with user definable criteria x x x
Integrated Email System
Email Invoices with Member Preference x x
Email Event Tickets x
Email Event Contribution Statements x
Batch Email to Group Members x x
Event Management System
Setup Events with Goals and Performance Tracking x
Issue Event Tickets and record Member Attendance x
Track Event Contributions x
Track Items Donated for Sale x
Door Attendance Lists x
Tickets Not Paid Lists x
Donation Not received Lists. x
Items Not Sold Lists x
QuickBooks Interface  $          100.00  $           100.00  $           100.00
Post Invoices to QuickBooks *One Time system optional module
Post Auction Item Purchases to QuickBooks *All features will be enabled for all users
Synchronize Members with QuickBooks
Apply Cash Receipts to QuickBooks.
Import Members
Import Terms, Accounts and Items.
Utilizes Intuits newest Interface SDK V8
ERT Support Services
System Versions ClubMaster FundMaster EventMaster
Annual Support Plan Base System  $          195.00  $           249.00  $           295.00
Additional Users (per each)  $            95.00  $             95.00  $             95.00
Accounting Interface  $            50.00  $             50.00  $             50.00
Version Upgrade Discount 50% 50% 50%
Demand Support Services Requires payment by credit card at time of service by Preauthorized charge agreement
Client must have signed credit card charge authorization on file before demand support charges will be provided
Per Incident Charge 15 Min/incident  $            25.00  $             25.00  $             25.00
Additional 15 Min Increments  $            20.00  $             20.00  $             20.00
Email  $            20.00  $             20.00  $             20.00
Maximum of 3 Exchanges per incident
if an incident exceeds three, requires phone
Miscellaneous Charges
On Site Training/Installation One ERT Employee Daily  $          750.00
Hourly  $          100.00
Overnight Lodging  Actual Cost 
Travel/Air  Actual Cost 
Car Rental  Actual Cost 
Training, Our office  Rate is per Session,  1/2 Day  $          300.00
4 person Maximum
Telephone Training Hourly  $            90.00
Accounting System Training
Same as above, however you must keep in mind that we are not CPA's and can
not offer advice regarding accounting processes.  We can only train on the physical 
operation of the computer systems.