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FloorTrax floor plan management system

The FloorTrax Floor Plan Management System is a fully integrated product developed especially for the Floor Plan Finance Industry. Whether you are a finance company, manufacturer or distributor, FloorTrax can support your business model. Developed for one of the leaders of this industry, the FloorTrax system encapsulates the logic, security, and information necessary to administer any size floor plan with the knowledge that you know what your dealers are doing, where their inventory is, and how your fund is performing. Below are some of the components and features included the system.

 1. Dealer Master and Unit Inventory Master
 2. User customizable setups and operating parameters
 3. Automatic or Manual Curtailments
 4. Integrated Email and Faxing of Invoices and Reports
 5. Periodic Interest or Flat Monthly Fee options
 6. Accounts Receivable
 7. Full User Level Security with Override
 8. Full reporting interface with user customizable options
 9. Payoff Calculations with Interest to Date option.
10. PDF archiving of reports
11. Imaging Support
12. Interfaces to both QuickBooks and the ERT Accounting System

You can view all of the Screen Shots by following the links above. Follow the Demo link to request your live demo or 14 day evaluation copy. Of course, if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. The full FEATURE/PRICE chart lists all of the available system components and their retail prices.