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Member Master - Club, organization, non-profit and fundraising software

The MemberMaster system has been completely redesigned to manage the Fundraising and Membership tracking functions of any organization or group that wishes to monitor its membership base, their interests, dues or contributions and fundraising event performance. With a starting package price of only $395.00, any size group will be able to take control of their organization using MemberMaster.  The Member Master System is offered in 3 packages to accommodate any group size.

ClubMaster:  Designed for small Clubs or Private Organizations: MemberMaster will allow you to easily  keep track of your members, their membership levels, annual dues, renewal dates, photographs and personal information. MemberMaster will automatically process your invoices making it easy to track your receivables and collect your outstanding dues. Track your members interests and the events they attend.  

FundMaster: Designed for Non Profits or Larger Clubs and Organizations: The FundMaster package offers all of the features of the ClubMaster plus integrated emailing.  With this feature, you may automatically email your renewal invoices, send donation solicitations, advertise events, communicate with committee members, and send targeted invitations to groups with similar interest.  FundMaster will help you take control of your fundraising and membership functions.

EventMaster: Designed for organization who host Fundraising Events: The EventMaster takes all of the features of the FundMaster and ClubMaster, and adds Event Management.  Event Management allows the creation of events, setting of goals with graphical tracking, detailed member attendance tracking, event ticketing, emailing of event tickets, Door attendance listings, product donation for sale tracking, including contribution statements for both the donating member and the purchasing member. 

Who should use MemberMaster? (a few examples)

Social Clubs: Use the ClubMaster version to keep your membership roster, track your dues (annually, quarterly or monthly), send invoices to your members, track renewals, track your committee membership.  A full interface to QuickBooks is available to fully automate the billing and collection processes.

Membership/Subscription Based Retail Businesses: Membership/subscription based businesses, such as health clubs, can use MemberMaster to maintain their membership listings, renewals, and periodic membership invoicing.  MemberMaster supports any billing frequency and will allow you to make sure your billing is always up to date.

Fraternity/Sorority: Keep track of Chapter membership with the user defined membership status groupings.  Keep your active members and graduate members in the same database.  Send Targeted email announcements to members by groups.  Schedule recurring dues or room/board with automatic invoicing.  Invoice members for one time charges.  Track member service event participation.  Notify committee members of meetings by email. 

Non-Profits: Track not only Members, but also your contributing sponsors.  Define your own member categories.  Create Events, solicit contributions, manage auction item sales (with event manager), provide contribution statements, establish recurring donation invoicing schedules.  Track your members event attendance and donation histories.  Send targeted emails based upon member committees or event interests.

You can view all of the Screen Shots by following the links above. Follow the Demo link to request your live demo or 14 day evaluation copy. Of course, if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. The full FEATURE/PRICE chart lists all of the available system components and their retail prices.