Our Principle Staff

Phot of Evan J. Cash, President E.R.T. Software Systems, Inc.

Evan J. Cash, the founder and President of E.R.T. Software Systems, Inc. is a 25 year veteran of the Transportation Industry.  Throughout his career, he has been the Owner and Operator of Nationwide Trucking Companies, Freight Brokerages, Logistics Providers and Freight Forwarders.  His strong industry knowledge and experience provided the foundations necessary for the development of the Transportation Management series of products.

With the formation of E.R.T. Software Systems, Inc. in 2000, and the introduction of the Original ERT System, the product has seen a continuous evolution from an in-house development program to an Industry Leading Transportation Management solution.    

Through strategic alliances with leaders of the Floor Plan Finance industry and the Membership/Fundraising industry, Evan Cash has developed and introduced software solutions specifically targeted for these applications.  Each product was developed only after in-depth research, planning and consultation with industry providers to insure that each solution satisfied the needs of its users.

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