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Transportation Manager FAQ

  1. What is the Difference between Trucking and Brokerage Views?
  2. What Accounting Systems are supported?
  3. What is Remote Data Sharing?
  4. Is it a Multi-User System?
  5. Is it a Web Based application or a Client/Server System?
  6. Is there a required annual license fee?
  7. What operating systems are supported?
  8. Will it work with windows Firewall?
  9. Installation considerations on Windows Vista and Windows 7
  10. What Database application is used? / What is a Database Management Server?
  11. Can I have Multiple Companies?
  12. What is the License Server?
  13. Are Multiple Commodity Shipments Supported?
  14. Is emailing and faxing of invoices supported?
  15. Is EDI supported?
  16. What Load/Truck Posting services are supported?
  17. What Mileage systems are supported?
  18. Is there support for Canadian GST/PST?
  19. Can I access my data directly?
  20. Can I export my Data?


  1. What is the Difference between Trucking and Brokerage Views? - The ERT Transportation Manager integrates both Trucking and Brokerage systems in one complete suite of products.  Users of the Standard edition or below may choose either the Brokerage or Trucking feature set. Users of the Professional or TransMan editions will have both feature sets enabled and individual users may choose between the Broker and Trucking dispatch views.

    The Brokerage feature set offers all core functions of our full transportation product, but is designed for brokers, forwarders and third party logistics companies who do not need to utilize the trucking specific features of the system.  Brokerage Features include rate confirmations, carrier payment, available equipment searches and more.

    The Trucking feature set provides vehicle information, driver files/safety, fuel taxes, owner/operator settlements and other truck specific functionality. 

  2. What Accounting Systems are supported? – The ERT TransMan V7 supports QuickBooks Pro 2007+, Peachtree Complete Accounting 2006+, ERT Accounting System and Business! Standard/Pro accounting.

    QuickBooks requires one licensed copy per workstation, or use of the QuickBooks Remote Data Sharing system.  Individual users may disable the interface on their workstation (not recommended) if QuickBooks is not available. Peachtree must be installed on each workstation to provide the proper data drivers, however distinct licensed copies are only required if the user is to access the Peachtree program directly.  The ERT Accounting System and Business! Accounting system are required to be installed on a workstation only if that user needs direct accounting access.

  3. What is Remote Data Sharing (RDS)?  The RDS is a free utility provided by Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks.  It allows Multiple 3rd party programs (i.e. ERT TransMan) to share one licensed copy of QuickBooks.  When RDS is used, a sharing server is installed on the computer where the licensed copy of QuickBooks is installed.  Additional users will install an RDS Client software.  The Client software will allow the additional users to connect to the QuickBooks data file and interact with it as though QuickBooks is present.

    ** RDS is provided as a free utility by Intuit with NO warranty and NO installation support.  E.R.T. Software Systems, Inc. can provide the RDS system to you at no charge.  While we will be happy to assist in its setup, we can not guarantee its performance or functionality on any network or computer. 

  4. Is it a multi-user system? -  The ERT Transportation Manage is a fully multi-user system, offering both Peer-to-Peer networking and Database Management System support.

  5. Is it a Web Based application or a Client Server System? – ERT TransMan is a Client/Server based system.  All components are installed locally on your network.  Our system never communicates back to our servers.  You have complete control and protection of your systems and data.

  6. Is there a required annual license fee? – NO.  When you purchase the ERT TransMan, you are licensed to use the product version you purchased without expiration.  We do offer optional annual support plans, but unlike other software providers, the system will not cease functioning without an annual fee.

  7. What operating systems are supported? – Windows XP, Windows 2000/2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista 32/64 bit versions, Windows 7- 32/64 bit versions.

  8. Will it work with Windows Firewall? – Windows firewall must be properly configured to permit access by our program and our database drivers to function with Windows Firewall.  Our licensing key uses a UDP broadcast to locate License server.  It is often blocked by windows firewall and may require an INI file to be installed.

  9. Installation Considerations on Windows Vista and Windows 7 – User Account Control (UAC) must be turned off, or reduced to its lowest warning level (windows 7).  Please make sure that the program is installed with ADMINISTRATOR permissions.  It is possible that 2 errors will occur during installation.  The affected files are VistaDBOLEB20.dll and VistaDBCom20.dll.  These are low level data driver files that are blocked as security risks by the operating system.  Technical support can register and correct these installation issues in just a few minutes time.  It is a known issue that we are working on a solution to.

  10. What Database application is used and what is a Database Management Server? -  The ERT TransMan uses the VistaDB database system.  VistaDB is a high performance 3rd Party database system.  We have chosen to use it because of its flexibility, low cost, and strong performance features. 

    The system can operate in a Peer-to-Peer mode, in which each client workstation directly connects to the database, or in a Database Management Server (DBMS) mode.  In the DBMS mode, a DBMS server is installed on the computer with the database, usually your network server.  This system controls all access to the data, and processes all user data requests, resulting in higher performance and stronger data integrity protection. 

  11. Can I have Multiple Companies? -  Yes, absolutely*.  You may setup as many distinct companies as you wish.  Each company will have its own database and will be related to a corresponding accounting data file.  You may use the QuickSwitch function to change companies. 
    * Multi Company support is only available in the Standard, Professional and TransMan Editions.  It is not supported in the Agency, Starter and Small Fleet editions.

  12. What is the License Server? -  The ERT Licensing system offers 2 licensing options.  The Local licensing requires a separate key to be installed on each workstation.  The License Server option allows a key to be installed on once computer.  A License Server runs on that computer, providing licensing information to all other workstations. 

    The License Server option provides the greatest flexibility, as the ERT TransMan can be installed on an unlimited number of computers and the number of simultaneous connections is controlled by the license server.  It does, however, require that the computer hosting the license server is always on and the License Server program is running.

    Local Keys are the easiest, as no network communication is required and no License Server needs to run.  The drawback to Local Keys is that you must designate the specific computers that may be used.

  13. Are Multiple Commodity Shipments supported? -  Yes (not available in Small Fleet and Starter editions).  Each shipment can have unlimited commodities and descriptions entered.  Confirmation and invoicing options allow support of multiple commodity itemized details.

  14. Is Emailing and Faxing of invoices supported?  All editions may add the email/fax invoice option.  Faxing requires purchase of the ERT Fax Server.

  15. Is EDI supported- At this time, EDI is not specifically supported.  There are many EDI formats and each vendor may have its own distinct setup requirements.  EDI is added on a case by case custom modification.

  16. What Load/Truck posting services are supported? – The ERT TransMan offers an optional load and truck posting interface.  Currently support is enable for DAT/Transcore, Get Loaded, Internet Truckstop, Post Once, and Post Everywhere.  (user must have subscription to the services selected for our interface to operate)

  17. What Mileage Systems are supported? – Currently, the ERT TransMan supports ProMiles and PC Miler.  Client must purchase the ERT Mileage Interface Module.  Users of ProMiles must own the ProMiles SDK interface.  Users of PC Miler must own the PC Connect interface. 

    The PC Miler interface offers both Billing and Pay mile (with deadhead miles if desired) calculations and Quote mile calculations.  Fuel tax route calculation and state by state mileages are also calculated.

    The ProMiles interface offers all of the features of the PC Miler interface but adds the display of Mapping and Driving Directions to both the Dispatch and Quoting systems.

  18. Is there support for Canadian GST and PST? – The ERT TransMan system will calculate both GST and PST.  Tax values will be included on all printed invoices and carrier payments.  The QuickBooks Canadian edition will automatically add the taxes based on customer setup.  The ERT Accounting module will allow the assignment of one “Sales Tax” category to a customer and will post this sales tax item to the accounting.  All other accounting systems will require manual setup.

  19. Can I access my data directly? – Direct data access is discouraged.  A password protected data editing utility is installed on your system for the benefit of technical support.  If a user has an internal IT support staff, arrangements can be made for direct data access.

  20. Can I export my data?- Yes, the ERT TransMan offers exporting to both Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.  For each export, you may choose your own criteria.