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MemberMaster Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

1.      What is MemberMaster?

2.      Is it a multi user system?

3.      Is it a Web Based application or a Client/Server application?

4.      What types of Organizations can use MemberMaster?

5.      Will it track Dues and pledges?

6.      Can it manage my fundraising events?

7.      How can I track my members interests and participation?

8.      Is it designed for fundraising only?

9.      What Accounting Systems are supported?

10.  What is Remote Data Sharing?

11.  Does the system offer Email support?

12.  What operating systems are supported?

13.  Will it work with windows Firewall?

14.  Installation considerations on Windows Vista and Windows 7?

15.  What Database application is used?

16.  Can I have multiple companies?

17.  Can I access my data directly?

18.  Can I export my Data?

1.      What is MemberMaster? – MemberMaster is specifically designed to allow Clubs, Organizations, Service Groups, and Non-Profits to track their members, sponsors and contributors.  MemberMaster has options to administer Events, solicit donations, communicate with your members, track donations, collect recurring dues, process invoices, follow member attendance and so much more.

2.      Is it a multi-user system? -  The MemberMaster system is a fully multi-user system.

3.      Is it a Web Based application or a Client Server System? – MemberMaster is a Client/Server based system.  All components are installed locally on your network.  Our system never communicates back to our servers.  You have complete control and protection of your systems and data.

4.      What types of Organizations can use MemberMaster? – The list of applications is almost endless. 

a.       Fraternity/Sorority - Track your current and graduate members.  Collect dues, and other charges, send invoices, both recurring and one time, communicate with your members by email, administer your charity events and private events, track attendance at these events. Track your committee members and communicate with them via email.

b.      Non-Profits – Track your subscribing members, contributors, sponsors an others with user defined groups.  Manage your fundraising events.  Email tickets to events.  Track donated items and who purchased them.  Track member interest categories or events they wish to attend and notify them by email when something is available.  Track your committee membership and communicate with committee members.  Establish your own donation/giving schedules and process recurring donation invoices.

c.       Service Clubs (i.e. Eagles, Rotary, JCs, VFW) – Track your membership information, collect dues, track member attendance, create and administer events, communicate with your committee members.

d.      Membership Based Retail Businesses- Any business that accepts recurring periodic payments, such as a monthly health club membership, can use MemberMaster.  You may track your members, their renewal dates, their billing schedules, automatically invoice them, collect your renewals and maintain your accounting records automatically.

e.       Civic Organizations, such as a local Preservation Society.  Use MemberMaster to invoice recurring and one time pledges to your members, notify them of upcoming events ( a tour of homes for example), advise your committee members of a pending meeting.  Track your fundraising events and member attendance.

5.      Will it Track Dues and Pledges? – Yes, MemberMaster allows each organization to create its own Giving Levels, or Dues Levels.  Each member may be assigned to a membership level and billing frequency.  The system will automatically maintain regular periodic billing for Dues or regular donations.  Irregular or one-time donations may also be tracked.  You will have the option of immediately recording a donation or scheduling it for a future period (such as when a member promises to donate a basket for a Christmas fundraiser).

6.      Can it manage my fundraising events?  MemberMaster, with the FundMaster edition has a full featured Event Management system.  The Event Manager allows each organization to define its own event categories and create events.  Tickets may be issued and door attendance lists printed.  Members are invoiced for their ticket purchases.  Both invoices and event tickets can be emailed to the member.  Member attendance is automatically logged in the member’s profile.  Donations for the event may be tracked as single donations (i.e. cash) or as donations for sale (i.e. auction baskets).  Event targets and performance graphs are maintained.  Members receive donation tax contribution statements for auction items donated.  Event performance reports are available.

7.      How can I track my member’s interests and participation? – MemberMaster allows each organization to define numerous interest categories, event categories, and committee categories.  In each member’s profile, you may indicate their interests, the event categories they wish to be notified of, and the committees they belong to.  Our reporting and emailing system allows targeted communications to be sent to specific members.  For example, If your annual Wine Tasting event is coming up, you may send a targeted email to all members who have expressed an interest in this type of event, and then send a notice to all Wine Tasting committee members.

8.      Is it designed for Fundraising Only?  Absolutely not.  MemberMaster can be used to maintain membership files, track dues, invoices fees, processes recurring dues or subscriptions, communicate with targeted members and more.  Fundraising is just one of the features available in MemberMaster. 

9.      What Accounting Systems are supported? – The MemberMaster system currently only supports QuickBooks Pro 2007+.  QuickBooks is the most widely used small business accounting system.  Future plans call the addition of the ERT Accounting System. 

QuickBooks requires one licensed copy per workstation, or use of the QuickBooks Remote Data Sharing system.  Individual users may disable the interface on their workstation (not recommended) if QuickBooks is not available.

10.  What is Remote Data Sharing (RDS)?  The RDS is a free utility provided by Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks.  It allows Multiple 3rd party programs (i.e. FloorTrax) to share one licensed copy of QuickBooks.  When RDS is used, a sharing server is installed on the computer where the licensed copy of QuickBooks is installed.  Additional users will install an RDS Client software.  The Client software will allow the additional users to connect to the QuickBooks data file and interact with it as though QuickBooks is present.

11.  Does the system offer email support? -  Email support is included with the FundMaster and EventMaster editions. 

12.  What operating systems are supported? – Windows XP, Windows 2000/2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista 32/64 bit versions, Windows 7- 32/64 bit versions.

13.  Will it work with Windows Firewall? – Windows firewall must be properly configured to permit access by our program and our database drivers to function with Windows Firewall.  Our licensing key uses a UDP broadcast to locate License server.  It is often blocked by windows firewall and may require an INI file to be installed.

14.  Installation Considerations on Windows Vista and Windows 7 – User Account Control (UAC) must be turned off, or reduced to its lowest warning level (windows 7).  Please make sure that the program is installed with ADMINISTRATOR permissions. 

15.  What Database application is used? -  MemberMaster is based on the Microsoft Access database system, though the program itself is written in Visual Basic. 

16.  Can I have Multiple Companies? -  MemberMaster is currently designed to work with one company data file.    If multiple companies are required, technical support can aid you in configuring this functionality.  Future plans will include the Company Master and QuickSwitch functions of the TransMan and FloorTrax products.

17.  Can I access my Data?  Yes, the data is stored in an unrestricted Microsoft Access database.  Any user with Microsoft Access can open the data directly.

18.  Can I Export My Data? - MemberMaster exports member mailing lists to Excel.  As the Access database is not locked, you may Use Microsoft Access to export any data you wish to Excel or any other supported format.  Any Custom exports required can be created for a modest fee.