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E.R.T. Software transportation Products

The E.R.T. Transportation Manager V 8.0 is the newest member of the Transportation family of products.  Redesigned and released in October 2012, the ERT Transportation Manager utilizes an enterprise strength database architecture and offers a complete suite of transportation management tools for any size or type of transportation provider.  All versions begin with the same core features, including Customer Management, Carrier/Owner Management, Shipper/Consignee Management, Dispatching, Reporting, Invoicing, Carrier/Owner Payments and Search/History Functions.  You  may choose either a Trucking or Brokerage system for your base product (or both in PRO and above).  Numerous options, including Mileage Interfaces, Accounting Interfaces, Load Posting Interfaces and many more are available Ala Carte.  Each version offers its own special features:

You can view all of the Screen Shots by following the links above. Follow the Demo link to request your live demo or 14 day evaluation copy. Of course, if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. The full FEATURE/PRICE chart lists all of the available system components and their retail prices.