About Our company

E.R.T. Software Systems, Inc. was originally founded to satisfy the needs of a large, established transportation brokerage and logistics company.  Over the years, we had evaluated numerous transportation industry specific dispatch and accounting systems for use in our own operations.  We were looking for a product that:

  1. Was EASY to learn and use
  2. Was FULLY INTEGRATED between the Transportation and Accounting systems
  3. Was a COMPLETE , FULL FEATURED system
  5. Was designed from a TRANSPORTATION background

Unfortunately, we were not able to locate such a product, so we embarked on a project to design our own.  After nearly two years of design, development and testing, the E.R.T. System was placed into operation in our own company.  Soon after, we decided to make it available to the industry as an alternative to the other systems currently on the market.  That was the year 2000.  In the years that have followed, the transportation system has grown and matured into the ERT Transportation Manager, the product you see today.  It still remains the cornerstone of our company.

As the Company grew, we slowly expanded our Industry Specific product offerings to include Floor Plan Finance, Non Profit/Fundraising, and Clubs/Organizations. Working closely with industry experts and major service providers in their respective industries, E.R.T. Software Systems, Inc. has developed the FloorTrax Floor Plan Management System and the MemberMaster Organization and Fundraising System.  Both products offer the same dedication to simplicity, functionality and value as our Transportation Products

We continue to expand our products and services.  New solutions, utilities, and products are always under development.  We also offer Custom Programming Services, Custom System Development, & Consulting Services to satisfy any needs you may have.

We are glad you have taken the time to visit our site.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.