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Purchase Support Contracts

Support Plan products are available for all E.R.T. Software Systems, Inc. products.  They are customized based upon the product you own, its configuration and optional components, and the payment plan requested. 

If you wish to renew or purchase a support plan, please contact our offices at 330-704-9056.  You will be provided with a customized link to the proper support plan purchase option. 

We plan to expand the online shopping cart to include support plan purchases soon.

DEMAND SUPPORT -  For clients who elect to not purchase an annual support plan, support services are available on a demand basis.  Demand support is provided using Demand Support Incidents.  You may request our full support policy for review.  In summary, one Demand Support Incident is one call to our technical support department.  This call will address one issue or series of related issues.  The initial support incident will include up to 30 minutes of support services which may include, but not be limited to phone calls, emails, live support sessions and/or any combination of the above.  When the single issue is resolved, the incident is complete, regardless of the duration of the support services.  If more than 30 minutes are required, blocks of extended time (for the same incident) may be purchased in 15 minute increments.  New issues or topics may not be addressed using extensions. Each new incident requires the purchase of one Demand Support Instance.  

To aid you in purchasing Demand Support Incidents, we have included a purchase link below.  You may choose to purchase as many Initial Demand Incidents as you wish.  They do not expire and may be used at any time.  Incident extensions are also available for purchase.  At the time of your initial contact, our support staff will verify the availablity of an unused Demand Incident.  If you have not yet purchased an incident, you will be directed to purchase a Demand Support Incident. 

Purchase Demand Support